The Photocopies

the photocopies

unapologetically old-school melodic indie-pop,
made without secret plans to fill stadiums (ugh)

New double CD, digital LP

Released on October 20, 2023:
The Photocopies' third CD collection, Triple Decker.

This 2-CD set includes the three most recent digital albums:

  • Top of the Pops
  • Greatest Hits, Volume 3
  • Unprofessional Conduct

It also includes over 30 minutes of bonus tracks. The CDs contain more than 50 songs in total and are limited to just 125 copies. You can order yours from the Subjangle label while stocks last here.

The Photocopies' Triple Decker double CD (front cover)

The third album on the CDs, Unprofessional Conduct, also gets a digital release on October 20. It contains these songs:

This album is available on all major digital music platforms, but you may prefer to buy it for just $3.99 on Bandcamp where the album will be released with bonus downloadable videos.

The Photocopies' Unprofessional Conduct album (front cover)

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Earlier news

The Photocopies' See You Falling digital EP (front cover)
October 6, 2023
See You Falling covers EP

This collection of covers that will appear as bonus tracks on the forthcoming Triple Decker double CD is available to stream on major services like Spotify and Tidal in most countries. If you can't find it in your country, you can still hear it on Soundcloud.

The EP includes songs made famous by New Order (video), Bob Dylan, and The Velvet Underground.

The Photocopies' The Promotion digital single (front cover)
September 2, 2023
The Promotion (single version)

On the Top of the Pops album, the two parts of The Promotion are presented as separate tracks. They segue seamlessly on the 7" record, but sadly not on the digital album.

The version on this single stitches together the two parts as one digital track (with a few bonus seconds added to the end) for a better listening experience.

The Photocopies' Top of the Pops album (front cover)
September 1, 2023
The official debut album, on 7"!

Top of the Pops packs 13 tracks into 11 minutes in order to fit the whole album on a 45rpm 7" record!

Released by the Ultra Modern label (some copies accompanied by a free 4-track 5" EP, Youth Training Scheme), the record sold out almost instantly. But you can still hear or buy the album on major digital platforms, including Bandcamp which offers bonus videos.

The Photocopies' Heart Keeps Breaking Down digital single (front cover)
August 4, 2023
Heart Keeps Breaking Down

A digital single, released first on Bandcamp where artist proceeds from its sales go to mental health charity Mind. The Bandcamp single has a new mix of Straight F's not found on other streaming services.

There are videos for both the A-side and the daft B-side.

The Photocopies' Untogether EP (front cover)
July 7, 2023
Untogether EP

This EP features two new songs, Straight F's (video) and U.F.O. (video), along with What I Ever Saw in You from Greatest Hits Volume 3.

You'll find it on Bandcamp with the two videos and a bonus track. It's also on other digital music services without the bonuses.

The Photocopies' Greatest Hits Volume 3 compilation album (front cover)
June 30, 2023
Greatest Hits Volume 3

The Photocopies' fifth compilation album is this 15-song collection of tracks from EPs released between autumn 2022 and summer 2023.

It's available now on Bandcamp and other digital music services.

The Photocopies' Do It Yourself EP (front cover)
June 2, 2023
Do It Yourself

The 4-track EP Do It Yourself is available now.

Songs include D.I.Y. Pop (video) and Unrequited (video). There's also a t-shirt based on the artwork.

The Photocopies' Amateur Dramatics EP (front cover)
March 31, 2023
5-track EP

The EP Amateur Dramatics is available now.

It contains five songs including This, That, and the Other (video) and Beaten by a Girl (video). The Bandcamp edition includes the videos and a bonus instrumental.

The Photocopies - Indiepop 'Til I Die t-shirt
March 19, 2023
New T-shirts

Check out The Photocopies on merchandise website Redbubble.

There are several new t-shirt designs, some of which are also available as badges/pins/buttons or whatever you prefer to call them!

The Photocopies - Bonus Beats EP cover
March 17, 2023
Bonus Beats

If you missed out on the recent Million Sellers 7" EP, the three new bonus songs that accompanied it are now available separately on the Bonus Beats EP.

It's only $1 on Bandcamp!

The Photocopies - Million Sellers cover
Mar 3, 2023
Million Sellers 7"

The first actual record by The Photocopies is this set of four A-sides from 2022 digital singles.

Limited to only 50 transparent copies on the new Ultra Modern label, 15 copies also include a free 5" EP of three new songs!
(Update: All the records sold out on the day of release.)

The Photocopies - Stragglers EP cover
December 17, 2022
December round-up

A handful of other releases in December include:

- Stragglers, a compilation EP of tracks previously only on Bandcamp
- Christ Almighty on this Italian charity compilation
- Fell In Love At Christmas on this streaming compilation

The Photocopies - Cheer Up, It's Christmas EP cover
December 2, 2022
Christmas EP

Cheer Up, It's Christmas is a festive EP of vaguely Christmas-related songs with two new songs (three on the Bandcamp version) plus an instrumental carol.

The lead track, Christmas Alone, has a rather silly video.

You'll find the EP in these places.

The Photocopies - Wrong Century cover
Dec 2, 2022
Wrong Century

The fourth compilation album!

The standard digital edition has 18 recently-released tracks, while the limited edition CD on Discos de Kirlian has 8 bonus tracks.

Here are all the places you'll find the digital edition.

The Photocopies - Songs By Other People EP cover
November 28, 2022
Covers EP

The new EP Songs By Other People is now streaming on select services.

It includes cover versions of songs by Primal Scream (video), The Lilac Time, Television Personalities, and New Order (video).

Here's a list of places you can stream the EP.

The Photocopies - Versions EP cover
November 26, 2022

This new EP has alternate versions of four songs from Pop Trivia.

Buy it from Bandcamp for a bonus track, an early version of Kissing in the Rain!

You can find the EP in these places. And there's a lyric video for the early version of You Used to Tell Me Everything here.

The Photocopies - Make Up Your Mind EP cover
November 25, 2022
Make Up Your Mind

A new 4-track EP is released today, the first of three EPs this month. Yes, three!

It includes Make Your Mind Up Time (lyric video), Unreachable, Twisted Idea of Beauty and Falling Apart.

Here's a list of places you'll find the EP.

Hopelessly Devoted cover
November 4, 2022
New mini-album

Eight brand new songs were released today on Hopelessly Devoted!

You can find this collection on Bandcamp (where it's very reasonably priced indeed). It arrives on other digital music outlets on November 7.

Have Yourself a Merry Indie Christmas cover
November 1, 2022
Crisis compilation

The Photocopies contributed a new mix of Under Christmas Lights to Have Yourself a Merry Indie Christmas, Volume 1, a 54-track album of Christmas-themed songs to help homelessness charity Crisis.

There's also a Volume 2 (here). Please consider buying both!

The Photocopies - Like Teenage Love cover
October 28, 2022
Like Teenage Love

The rowdy new digital single, Like Teenage Love is out now on digital music platforms, including Bandcamp.

It also includes Grown-up Political Discourse which isn't very grown-up at all. Here's a list of everywhere you'll find the single.

Don't Call Him Your Boyfriend / Start Again cover
September 9, 2022
New double A-side single

There's a new digital single out today! It's a double A-side including two songs with real videos for a change!
Don't Call Him Your Boyfriend
Start Again

You'll find the single on Bandcamp and all the usual outlets.

Come Into My World cover
September 2, 2022
A unlikely Kylie cover

The Photocopies contributed Your Disco Needs You (lyric video) to Come Into My World, a £5 33-track album of Kylie Minogue covers to help Macmillan Cancer Support.

There's also a 'drum machine version' (lyric video) on these streaming services.

The Photocopies - Greatest Hits Volume 2 cover
August 31, 2022
Greatest Hits Volume 2

Volume 2 of Greatest Hits is out now on digital music platforms, including Bandcamp.

It includes all the best songs from recent singles and EPs. Here's a list of everywhere you'll find this compilation album.

The Photocopies - Greatest Hits Volume 1 cover
August 30, 2022
Greatest Hits Volume 1

The first volume of Greatest Hits is now available on digital music platforms, including Bandcamp.

It includes all the best songs from the early singles and EPs. The list of stores and services carrying the album can be found here.

The Photocopies - Et Cetera cover
August 29, 2022
Et Cetera: B-sides & more

The 15-track Et Cetera: B-sides & more compilation album is now on sale here!

The collection formed part of the recent Pop Trivia 2-CD set and consists of single B-sides, EP tracks, and two songs not previously released on singles or EPs.

It's also available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and elsewhere.

The Photocopies Pop Trivia cover
August 26, 2022
Pop Trivia double CD set

The first Photocopies CDs are now on sale here!

The 2-CD set, Pop Trivia, is released by the Subjangle label in a very limited edition of just 125.

It contains three 15-track collections, each of which will be released individually on digital platforms soon.

Spotify's Photocopies playlist

Spotify has put together this playlist which is frequently updated. Worth a listen!